Why Ship?

Why Ship? Hmm… actually I did not really make up my mind when choosing this theme for my new blog. Ship and voyage. It happened when I derping around (I guess you all know well what derping around means, haha, if you dont then open :B), and eventually ended up in wordpress site.

Hetkofschip, i do not know exactly what it is, but ut seems like a ship in a very very past time in the Netherlands. Then why I did choose that name though I don’t know what that is exactly?? Hmm.. actually it was just because at that day, when I first made this blog, I had a Dutch lecture in which we talked about… hmm… something.. kind of tenses in English. And there was a rule, like ‘add this letter if you meet this letter at the end of a word’,this or that. And my lecturer gave us an abreviation to make us simply remember the rule, and that is ”t Kofschip’. 

I was really really into Dutch, so thats why I just used it to my blog account. Actually not only this blog, but also I use some ‘Dutch things” to my other things too. Hehe

For a while it was just the reason. But then I found a good meaning by using this het kofschip as the theme for my blog account. Ships always sail, right? They sail and sail to the new places, cross the sea, finding new adventure.

Well. actually I am not that adventurous. If adventurous is something about courage, endurance and resistence against fatigue, I am not the girl. Hahaha :D justkid

I like to travel, to see new places around the world, to go abroad. I am not the girl who thinks that her life will just be stuck in this country. No, i really want to go abroad. Europe, America, Africa, Asia (including Indonesia my country), or even just Australia, I want to travel there. Exploring their beauty, and speaking their languages.

Speaking their languages is also my dream. To be able to speak in several language. :D

Hope they will come true in the future, and my dad my mom my sisters will say “BON VOYAGE!!” to me.




And hello world!! this is my new blog!! Yoroshiku!!~

'T Kofschip

A ship, rounds the world