Habits I Plan to Change when I Move into a New House Tomorrow

  1. Close-up of a young man's hand holding a cardboard box

    I will wake up at maybe 4.30 or 5.00 and start with a glass of water. Do morning prayer and then make some time for Quran verses too. I think I will take a shower afterwards, they say taking shower at dawn is good for your body.

  2. I will make my own breakfast instead of buying. Maybe once or twice in a week is okay, but I’ll consider a healthy diet like salad and smoothies. If I get bored, I think I’ll have some regular toast with butter. And oh right, I’ll make some for my lunchbox too.
  3. I want to start my day in a bold border between work and no work stuff. I won’t make some reports or write an article or read students’ assignments in my kitchen table while having breakfast. That should happen in the weekend too.
  4. Take a nap after work. I slowly understand that I can get a better sleep at nigt if I have nap in the afternoon. Taking nap with a slow jazz music sounds awesome.
  5. Every weekend I will go to florist and get a bouquet of fresh flowers. I think that is a good idea to put a natural thing in the corner of my bedroom. I wish they have lavender, but roses are okay though.
  6. I will buy new clothes the way I buy vegetables. If my clothes are beginning to rot the way vegetables are rotting, I will then go shopping and buy a set of clothes. Or maybe two sets. Then I’ll put away my rotten clothes.
  7. When new dramas are out, I’ll consider being absorbed for three or four days watching that drama on laptop. I won’t buy a TV since a TV is now full of crappy stuff.
  8. I will go shopping buying groceries twice or three times a week. And in the weekend I want to try out some new recipes. Then I will invite my friends to come over and they will try my cooking. I think they will be delighted.
  9. If I am too lazy to cook, I will just have pizza or fried chicken delivery, and we will still have a good time chit chatting. I will consider to buy a projector and we will have a movie night together. My friends will remark what a good idea this is actually.
  10. I think I will start doing cardio exercise, maybe three times a week in the weekend. Jogging around the neighbourhood, skipping, or doing light yoga poses is enough I think.
  11. I will spare my money more. Even though the room’s rent are maybe quite more expensive than my current room (I have it free now btw) I will save more bucks on my piggy bank. Even after daily groceries, weekly flowers, or water and electricity bill, I will have some spared money to buy new books at the end of the month, or go on vacation once in every two or three months. Great.
  12. I will have night sleep at 10 or below. I won’t try to keep my eyes open if it already reaches 10. Everyone wants a good morning right. On bed, I won’t be iddling on my phone for a long time, turn it off instead. I already have a poor eyesight, don’t wanna make it worse.
  13. If I am going to sleep, I won’t be bothered to think about unanswered questions that maybe have haunted me the whole day. I won’t try hard to find the answers of questions like “What is life?’ for so far as I remember, the whole day I will have lived my life. And good night.

Wonosobo, October 1st 2015


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