To: the world, where every special child lives


“Today, let us open the windows of our hearts and peep outside. To see little little raindrops meet the glorious sun, a rainbow forming, sheer joy and great fun” __A poem read by one gifted girl on her school’s art performance.

So I have a couple times visited my sister’s special school. She is one with down syndrome. Seeing her and her school friends always left me full of emotions that I cannot describe well. The feelings about her, about her friends, about my self, about the society, about the world we live in. Seeing them and their innocence, their own ways to see life, their dreams, their hopes, their happiness, their laughter gives me so many hopes about them that I want to tell the world how wonderful they really are. But sometimes mankind are worse than monsters. It’s not about them that I have doubts, but about the world and its society, and even the parents of the kid themselves.

‘How is he going to compete in this world?’

Yes.. there’s a merciless and competitive world out there. And in this crazy world, everybody wants to grow toppers and rankers. Everyone wants a genius for a kid. They want doctors, engineers, MBA. Nothing less is tolerated. Anything less is blasphemy. For god’s sake. Every child has his own capabilities, his own desires, his own dreams.

So why can’t we just stop our our piercing gaze, lower our pointing fingers towards them and open our arms to hug them? They are just the same. Same as me and you. And they just need caring.

Caring. It’s very important. It has power to heal, to make everything better. Like a balm that soothes pain.

So I got a poem for you, society. Originally from a hindi song titled Taree Zamer Par.



Look at them, like fresh drops of dew.

Nestled in the palms of leaves, gifts of the heavens

Stretching and turning, slipping, sliding

Like delicate pearls, glinting with laughter

Let us not lose these, little stars on earth

Like sunshine on a winter’s day

Bathes the courtyard in gold

They banish darkness from our hearts

And warm us to the core

Let us not lose these, little stars on earth

Like sleep trapped behind eyelids

Where sweet dreams abound

And in the dream an angel rises

Like fountains of colour

Like butterflies upon blossoms

Like love which is selfless

They’re surging waves of hope

They’re the dawn of dreams and eternal joy

Let us not lose these, little stars on earth

On the heavy darkness of night’s bosom

They sit like a flame dispelling gloom

Like an orchard’s fragrance they fill the air

Like a kaleidoscope of myriad hues

Like flowers reaching up to the sun

Like the notes of a flute in the quiet of a grove

They are breaths of fresh air

The rhythm and music of life

Let us not lose these, little stars on earth

Like the pulsing life of the neighbourhood

Like the buds determined to bloom

Like the breeze of the season caught in your palm

They’re the blessings of our elders

Let us not lose these, little stars on earth







Let us just remember, every child is special.


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