is my world

A little sweet

A little sour

A little close

Not too far

All I need, all I need is to be free.


It’s close enough to touch

But disappears like a mirage

Woven of dreams, warm as sweaters

Beyond the white clouds

Is my world


Let me in without a shout

Let me in, I have a doubt

There are more, many more

Many, many, many more like me


I’m not alone

Dream walking, wide eyed

Stepping, stumbling

Yet I have no doubt

Just like the setting sun, will rise again

My world, once revealed, will astound everyone.


Open eyed, how I run, how I run to the other side

Then I glide like a bird

I just want to be


A thousand wings to fly

To explore open skies

So many turns to take

Paths to follow

And discover my world


These few days of childhood will never return

So live it up now, my friend

On credit, if you’re broke

Live it up.


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