The soon to be brides, it’s for you.

To: You, the beautiful brides.

Finally the day has come. The day that we would only say by “One day..” when we were little. Yes, the day when you complete your half dien, following the Prophet’s sunnah. The day when you become one with your partner of life, and afterlife, inshaa Allah. Besides, it’s the two of you! The best day that only happens once in a life time, you do it almost together. That can’t be more astonishing than that.

I was so overwhelmed, I lost words, when you delivered the news. All the prearations, the proposal you had, the engagement and so on, I was so jolly that I felt like it was my own. I was so happy, so excited . If I was this happy, I bet you couldn’t be less happy than I was. Right? I still am and you still are, of course.

I remember when we were little and busy picturing ourselves in the future. We would always talk about these things: when would we get married? How would we get married? When would we meet our destined ones? And sometimes we’d imagine that we would live near each other in the same neighborhood and would still hanging around like this even when we already have husbands. Even when we were scattered to many places to pursue our dreams, that day when we left the high school, we promised to keep in touch, to still talk about anything like distance was really nothing to us. We promised to share our stories we would have in our new places by any media possible at that time: SMS, group phone calls, blogs. We were there for each other through every heartbreak, drying each other’s tears, lifting each other’s head. I remember whatever problem I have, you guys would always be there to help carry the burden.

You were always there with a smile or a word or two of encouragement and consolation. You guys were every first text when something good happened in my life. There were no secrets . There was no feeling bad about anything. In you, I find soulmates, the ones I spend many deepen nights, to spend every holiday with, to take every picture with. We understand each other. To find that bond as early as we did, and to keep that bond strong despite the deterrents that we faced, is something I’ll forever be thankful for.

Then, tomorrow there will be someone else(s) that join our special club, your hubands. And that is okay because I know the role I have taken was to hold your hand until someone else will forever do. My heart was filled with happines the first time you told me that they are the ones. That they love you. I admit sometimes I envy you and your love life, as now I am still spending time imagining that a prince will really come. All the stories that you told me, and the rest of us, about him really really made me smile. Even when the breakups stories (Sya, hehe) I honestly knew that you guys would make it. And that happened! The ‘yeses’, and then the planning began.

As we survived the wedding planning and made it until this day, I can honestly say that we will be able to overcome everything. You will stand there, more beautiful than any bride has ever been, and you stand beside a man who I know is worthy.

To you, Sir, I say you have won over the heart of my best friends. You have won my heart, our hearts, the heart of her friends and family. We give her away knowing that tomorrow you’ll have married one of the most wonderful women in the entire world. May you cherish her, the way we all have. May you love her the way we all have. May you overcome any challenge, your future faces, the way we were able in the past. I don’t need to stand here and tell you averything wonderful about her, because I know none of us would be standing here if you didn’t already know all these things. To you sir, I say thank you. Thank you for making making my best friends’ “One day”, the dreams, a reality. Thank you for giving her fairytale she so very much deserves.

And to my best friends, thank you for giving me all those years. Thank you for proving that soulmates really do exist. The way I see it, you getting married doesn’t change anything. I look forward to the next milestones we encounter. I look forward to becoming a cool auntie to your kids. While there are a few things that of course will change—our cities, the zip code, the deeping laugh lines on our faces—I know we never will.

Good night, the soon to be brides. See you tomorrow, the beautiful brides.

I know it’s not our style to say such touchy-touchy things like this, but I resist this because, once again, it’s your “Once in A Lifetime” moments. So I think this is also one of them. But I reduced the level of cheesy-ness by saying this all in English. I can’t imagine the level of chessy-ness to say all of this in Indonesian. Wkwk.

Once again,





Wonosobo, July 15th 2016

Upon Diena and Risya’s Wedding day on 16th and 17th.


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