About Me

Hello, this is Rury Luberti. I’m a word enthusiast, if I may talk about myself. I fall in love with language, whether it is my native language or foreign languages. I got my diploma on Dutch Literature, so basically I speak 4 languages. Javanese as my mother tongue, Indonesian as my second language, English and Dutch as my foreign languages. At least those foreign languages are the ones I’m pretty confident to have a convo in. I also learned Portuguese, Spanish, and Germany, but they didn’t go very well T.T

I am now learning Korean on my own, and I can already make a simple conversation with the natives 😀

My work now is teaching Indonesian Language for Foreigners in my alma mater, Universitas Indonesia. I look forward to giving my lecture on my major tho.

So, this is it. My intention in making this blog is then no other than as my medium to show my love towards words and language. But sometimes I post random things about myself too 🙂

Thanks for having a glimpse on my ‘about me’ 🙂